Does the soap we use really matter?

Does the soap we use really matter?

I remember early on when we started selling our SōP this question came up a lot. Some people (like us) really dig into what makes soap good or bad, but most just grab what's convenient and "antibacterial" and go about their days. Is there a difference between SōP and soap? Read on to find out.

Similar to a light switch, we expect very few things of soap but we expect them to do it every time without fail: Light switch on = it's light. Light switch off = it's dark. Soap on = scrub dirt & bugs. Soap off = dirt & bugs down the drain. Soap has pretty simple mission itself: Make water molecules repel each other while attracting grease. We can add extra chemicals to the soap/detergent and try to get more benefit, but there are no free lunches....

Extra man made chemicals can dry the skin. Extra (and often unnecessary) antibiotic agents elevate the risk of creating resistant strains. Yes, there is a place for the strongest cleaning agents (surgical rooms, disease research facilities, etc...), but just as we don't wash our dishes with gasoline (an awesome degreaser, by the way), we take a back to basics approach with our SōP.

Skin is the armor that protects our bodies. Kept flexible and hydrated, it's the perfect barrier between us and the germs looking for a host. When there are cracks in the armor, germs get in and set up shop, making life miserable. Using a soap made with all natural and moisturizing ingredients, without a long list of preservatives and drying agents, lifts the dirt & germs off your skin and washes them down the drain while helping the armor repair itself and stay flexible.

A long worded way of saying YES, the soap you choose makes a big difference. Life is Dirty - Fight Back.

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